Java has ruined the malware-free image of Apple’s Mac OS X by releasing unsafe software that infected hundreds of thousands users. “It’s pretty clear that Java is the new Adobe, but Adobe successfully invested in security features such as the sandbox mode. Java developer Oracle doesn’t seem to have that same focus and plans” says [...]

In the last couple of weeks we reported various times that Mac OS X was vulnerable to an unpatched Java vulnerability. This new Trojan was capable of stealing passwords from your Mac, allowing cyber criminals to steal sensitive data such as creditcard information and other personal data. According to the website DrWeb there are already [...]

Apple has released a second Java update for a serious vulnerability that is actively used to infect Mac systems. Last Tuesday, Apple released the first week update for Java, seven weeks after Oracle released the same update for Windows and Linux users. The update patched several Java vulnerabilities, including the one that is now being [...]

After many Mac’s were infected by the updated Trojan that is now making use of multiple vulnerabilities that were found in Java, we decided to write a little tutorial on how to remove the Backdoor.Trojan from your Mac. First make sure that you update your system to the latest version of Java, Apple has released [...]

According to a Russian security company, more than 600,000 Mac’s are infected with the Flashback-Trojan that is trying to intercept your passwords and other personal information. The Trojan isn’t anything new and was already discovered in September of last year. Hackers have added the malware to software such as browsers and applications like Skype, which [...]

Security researchers have discovered a Windows hacker tool that is capable of creating malicious Office documents to infect Mac OS X systems. The Office-files were recently used against the Tibetan non-governmental organizations (NGO). In the Office documents there is an hidden exploit clogged that is using a vulnerability from 2009 to execute arbitrary code on [...]

Apple has finally released a security update for Java to protect users against malware. In February, Oracle already patched several vulnerabilities in Java for Windows. Only a week after the update was released, one of the vulnerabilities was used to infect Windows users that didn’t install the update. The cyber-criminals recently decided to use that [...]

Cyber criminal are currently exploiting an unpatched vulnerability in Java to infect Mac systems with malware. The vulnerability id is CVE-February 2012-0507, Oracle released an update that patched the vulnerability for Windows systems in February. Apple still hasn’t released an update; anti-virus developers already said that it was a matter of time before hackers would [...]