Last week the security company Symantec claimed that the number of infected Macs dropped significantly, but it now seems that they were wrong. The security specialists claimed that the number of infected Mac’s dropped to 140,000 Mac’s. Flashback infected 700,000 in the last couple of weeks by making use of various Java-exploits. According to Symantec, [...]

I personally had expected a lot of hate sites. Bolded headers in the New York Times. Sarcasm on Google websites. A movie by Microsoft on YouTube. A Facebook page. Hate tweets on Twitter. An ironic Tumblr of a graphic designer. But nothing seems to happen on web. News like any other news. The news isn’t [...]

Apple isn’t willing to respond to the situation regarding the Flashback Trojan that has infected more than 650,000 Macs in the last week by exploiting an unpatched vulnerability in Java for Mac. Apple released a Java patch, but DrWeb claims that Apple is working behind the scenes to stop the sinkhole-domain that is currently managed [...]