Screen Shot 2012 06 05 at 4.14.49 PM 150x150 Scribblenauts Remix 2.0 update introduces World Pass, 30 new levels and new charactersThe iOS game Scribblenauts Remix has been updated to version 2.0, which also adds 30 new levels. To play these levels you will have to purchase a World Pass for $0.99 within the game. In addition to the extra levels, it is also possible to play with other characters from the game: you get God as a free playable character and extra characters have to be purchased for $0.99.

Scribblenauts Remix is an iOS game where you have to type in name of objects to create them. These objects will later have to be used to solve puzzles. For example, if you have to go to the other side of a ravine, simply write ‘jetpack’ or ‘helicopter’ to fly to the other side. Continue Reading →

apple mac os x opinionspy spywaremalwarevirus what is it and how to remove it How safe is your Mac? Everything you need to learn about securing your MacMalware and Mac were two words that were rarely used in one sentence; normally it would have been in the sentence “there is no malware for Mac”. This unfortunately has changed in the last two years. Various Mac-backdoors, Trojans and other malicious software that infected Mac-users were discovered by security experts.

Time to ring the alarm? Security companies of course do think it’s time, but that’s quite logical because they want to sell more products. We should however note that it can be longer ignored that the OS X platform will become increasingly interesting for attackers as long as the number of users continues to grow. This may not be the best time because Apple is according to various experts still years behind on competitor Microsoft when it comes to security. Mac users should ask themselves the question: “How safe is your Mac?”

Malware can exist in all kinds of forms and can be transferred to your Mac in many different ways. There are three ways that are mostly used by attackers to infect your Mac with malware or other malicious software. Continue Reading →

Screen Shot 2012 06 05 at 12.10.21 PM e1338891058920 Is this the new MacBook Pro? We certainly dont hope so
The Chinese tech site M.I.C. Gadget has posted a sticker on the website that is allegedly taken of the box of a new MacBook (Pro?). Judging from these specifications the update is less spectacular than it is predicted so far: no retina display, no major speed improvement, no redesigned case and it isn’t even lighter. According to the specifications the new model is 200 grams heavier than its predecessor. The main change is the support for USB 3.0.

The new MacBook will according to this sticker be powered by a 2.5 GHz dual-core Intel i5 processor, which is the successor of the i5 2.4 Ghz that is now being used in the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Intel also updated the graphic chip; the much faster HD 4000-hip now replaces the Intel HD 3000. Other specifications like the resolution (1280 x 800), storage (500 GB hard drive), Ram (4G DDR3) have not changed compared to the current model. Even the optical drive is still present. Continue Reading →

NO UDID 150x150 Advertisers bypassing UDID ban with use of ODIN identificationAdvertisers are bypassing Apple’s privacy measures by obtaining user data on the basis of the Open Device Identification Network (ODIN). Developers could distinguish users on the basis of a UDID number, but Apple started rejecting applications that were making use of this information.

The ODIN-number of your iOS is generated by using the Mac address of Wi-Fi receiver and can be used to distinguish users from each other. This means that the identification code is similar to the UDID (unique device id), which was also used by advertisers to distinguish different iOS devices/users. It is not yet entirely clear how advertisers obtain the ODIN-data. Continue Reading →

macbook pro 150x150 Apples biggest Mac relaunch will take place next week during the WWDC 2012Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) will start next Monday, 11 June. Like every year it is expected that we will see new software innovations of iOS and OS X and new hardware upgrades for the Mac line-up. This year’s conference will be all about the new hardware for the Mac and iOS 6. Various industry insiders expect the biggest product launch ever done by Apple.

Radical MacBook upgrades
While we previously only talked about the new MacBook Pro’s, it now seems that four of the five Mac models will be updated during the WWDC of this year. The company currently offers a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro. Next week we will at least see two new models that significantly changes, a redesigned MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs, both equipped with retina displays. The MacBook Pro will also come in a slicker package, without an optical drive, but with Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors and the retina display. Continue Reading →

C3 SF 380x263 150x150 WSJ confirms that Apple will unveil their 3D map service next week during the WWDC 2012Almost a month ago we reported that Apple would replace the Google Maps application with the release of iOS 6. The Wall Street Journal has now confirmed these claims after they have talked with former staff at Apple that were responsible for the development of iOS. Apple will remove the Google Maps application from iOS later this year and replace it with a new application that is developed in-house. This new service will be unveiled during the WWDC 2012 that is taking place next week (keynote starts Monday). While it was already likely that the 3D-mapping service was coming, it is good to see that a reliable newspaper like The Wall Street Journal confirms these “rumors”.

Many rumors were already indicating that the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are going to make use of a never seen before three-dimensional maps service in iOS 6. The confirmation that received by The Wall Street Journal about the development of the service makes it more likely, especially if you look at the track record of the WSJ when it comes to Apple rumors. Continue Reading →

facebook wvg1 150x150 Jailbreak developer Grant Paul (chpwn) joins Facebook as an internThe famous jailbreak developer Grant Paul, online also known as @chpwn, has started his internship at Facebook. He shared this new today with his Twitter followers. Paul is certainly not the first guy from the jailbreak scene that joined Facebook: George Hotz (Geohot) started his internship at the social network in May 2011, he was known for his work on the iPhone and the PlayStation 3.

What Paul’s internship will mean for his activities as a jailbreak developer is not yet clear. The situation can of course not be compared with Comex, which was hired by Apple and therefore stopped working in the jailbreak scene, although Facebook might not be pleased with employees working on jailbreaks for iOS devices, especially if Facebook integration is on the way. Tim Cook suggested last week in an interview with AllThingsD that Apple and Facebook are working closely together at the moment, possibly on the integration of Facebook in iOS 6. Continue Reading →