The free iOS application from LinkedIn has received an update, which makes the application universal and adds support for the retina display of the new iPad. Since 2008 there is a LinkedIn application available for the iPhone. LinkedIn will give you three options when you open it on your iPad: All Updates, You and Inbox. [...]

The CEO of Kaspersky has expressed his feelings about Apple’s operating system OS X. According to the Russian security company Apple is ten years behind on Microsoft with the security of OS X and notes that the security of the OS should be significantly increase in the coming updates. These statements about the poor security [...]

Steve Jobs had a plan for a Willy Wonky-style celebration of the millionth iMac. The millionth buyer would find a golden ticket in the box of the computer. Whoever opened the lucky iMac box would be refunded the purchase price and be flown to Cupertino with the accompanying family to be taken on a tour [...]

The gaming industry is having a hard time. While people previously bought an Xbox or PlayStation, more and more are now opting for an iPad. Nintendo, the maker of the well-known Wii console is starting to feel the effect of this new generation smartphones and tablets. Sales of consoles and games are dropping quickly, which [...]

Research performed by the mobile advertising service MoPub shows that iOS application that don’t make use of UDID are generating 24% less turnover. The reason behind this problem is the fact that without the use of UDID’s it is a lot harder to track how the ads are performing. The outcome of the report is [...]

Jailbreak developer @pod2g is considering saving his iOS 5.1 jailbreak because he could use the exploits in order to develop a jailbreak for the upcoming iOS 6. The jailbreaker have asked his Twitter followers and blog readers to make the decision for him by voting on a poll that he posted on his blog. Pod2g [...]

Apple has sent out invitations for WWDC 2012. This conference will take place from 11 to 15 June in San Francisco. In earlier years, Apple used the WWDC to announce new products. During previous conferences new iPhones were unveiled. Whether they will announce a new product during the conference of this year remains to be [...]

It is an open secret that Apple has set pretty strict guidelines for developers that want to distribute their apps via the App Store. Although there are thousands of apps available in the store already, there are still some good ideas that never made it in the Mac App Store because Apple did simply not [...]