Screen Shot 2012 04 12 at 11.59.21 150x150 Ivy Bridge Benchmarks show big CPU and GPU boost for upcoming MacBook Pro refreshIn the coming weeks, Apple will introduce the new MacBook Pro 2012, this week it became already clear that the inventory levels at retailers were dropping quickly, which is normally an indication that a refresh is on its way. The launch of the Ivy Bridge line by the end of April suggests that a release will take place in the coming weeks.

The Ivy Bridge Core i7 3820QM clocked at 2.7GHz (Turbo mode 3.7GHz) in combination with the Intel HD 4000 graphic chip is likely to be the most powerful option for the updated MacBook Pro. This processor should replace the current Sandy Bridge i7 2860QM as the high-end processor.

Our colleagues of CPU World have benchmarked the powerful Sandy Bridge i7 2960XM against the Ivy Bridge i7 3820QM processor. The CPU benchmark showed that the Ivy Bridge is almost 10% more powerful than the Sandy Bridge processor. In comparison with the Sandy Bridge i7 2860QM, the performance difference is almost 20 percent.

The difference in the graphics performance is significant. In the benchmark comparison between the Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 4000 there is a performance difference between 32% and 108%. In addition to the integrated HD 4000 it is expected that Apple will be offering ATI graphic cards, which should further increase the performance gains.

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