JESS3 Forbes SJCM Act1 Page12 HiRes 150x150 Googles Larry Page: Steve Jobs anger against Android just for showIt is said that you say nothing but good things about the dead. In a recently published interview of Bloomberg with the co-founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page, he said that the negative remarks about Android did not came from the heart of Jobs, but were simply intended to create a war between Apple and Google employees and users.

The comments that were made by Page refer to the biography of Walter Isaacson. Steve Jobs said in his biography that he was prepared to start a ‘nuclear war’ in order to destroy Google’s mobile operating system Android. According to Jobs, Android was based on Apple’s iOS. Jobs would have used every cent of Apple’s capital (~$40 billion) to destroy Android. Page claims that these comments were just ‘for show’.

In the interview with Bloomberg, Page says that the comments helped Apple. Like many other companies, Apple needed a clear competitor where it could compete with. Page personally doesn’t like the used tactic. According to the CEO of Google, it is better to look at the competition to see what can be improved.

Companies like IBM and Microsoft have been fighting against these tactics for many years. Although it is quite easy to say that Jobs was just making these statements for show. Steve Jobs commented on the battle between Apple and Google after he resigned as CEO of Apple. The company also sued various Android manufactures in last 12 months.

Larry Page is probably happy that he can finally do business with Tim Cook, who seems to be more interested in an agreement than in a war between the two.

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