thumb640x360 300x168 Vote now to get the Lego Apple Store end up in productionA Lego enthusiast has designed a modular Lego Apple Store and hopes for support of others to get his design in production.

The Apple Store is something special for many Apple fans, the opening of a new store normally result in long line of eagerly waiting fans that are curious what Apple has in store for them. There is also an Apple Store that would like to open its doors and welcomes as many fans as possible. Lego aficionado ‘gotobuild’ has created and posted his design of the Lego Apple Store on the Lego Cuusoo site.

The Lego Cuusoo site is the ‘Kickstarter for Lego fans’, they can show their designs and others Cuusoo users can vote on the design. Designs that receive more than 10 thousand votes will be investigated by Lego if the design could possibly be taken into production.

Gotobuild has created the Lego Apple Store out of approximately 800 cubs. Everything that you will normally find in a real Apple Store is available in the Lego version; iPhones, iPad’s, MacBook’s, iMacs, iPods, Mac Pro, accessories, Genius Bar, and even a glass ceiling to keep the store bright and shining. However, the famous glass stairs seems to be missing from the design. The Lego Apple Store is still far away from the 10 thousand votes that it will need before Lego would even consider taking the Lego Apple Store in production.

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