iphone 5 top geruchten 290x290 150x150 Reuters: Apples next generation iPhone will have a bigger 4.6 inch displayThe third-generation iPad is only a few days old, and the rumor mill has already started about the upcoming iPhone 5 or as Apple will call it the new iPhone. Just like with the launch of the new iPad, many sites are speculating about the display for the upcoming iPhone. Apple fans all around the world hoped that Apple increased the size of the display last year, but Apple only unveiled an improved iPhone 4S with the same design and display as the iPhone 4. However, the upcoming iPhone will be something completely new and could possibly also feature a larger display.

According to news agency Reuters, various South Korean manufactures have reported that the iPhone 5 could feature a 4.6-inch display.

Apple has decided on the bigger 4.6-inch display for its next iPhone and started placing orders to its suppliers, the Maeil Business Newspaper said, quoting an unnamed industry source.

This 4.6-inch display is significantly different than the previous rumored 4-inch display. Like with all the other Apple rumors, it is hard to say what is right and what is wrong, although we expect that the switch from a 3.5-inch display to a 4.6-inch display is not going to happen.

The website iLounge reported in November 2011 that the iPhone 5 will be slightly thicker than the previous models. According to iLounge it is expected that Apple will switch to a 4.0-inch display, which would make the iPhone 8mm longer, they also claimed that the iPhone would not have a teardrop design, although that there was a prototype of this design created.

We will have to wait and see, doubling the resolution of the iPhone retina display will almost be impossible looking at the current developments, many smartphone manufacturers are still having a hard time to develop displays that have the same pixel per inch ratio as the retina display of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

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