IMG 1079 2 300x167 150x150 Poor Wi Fi performance on the new iPad? Antennagate flashback?The new third-generation iPad is out for a few days now and it already sold very well in the opening week, almost 3.5 million Apple tablets were sold according to Apple. Many iPad owners were positive about the new device, although there were some that had some critical notes. In addition to the complaints about a yellowish tint display, which should disappear after some time and the increased heat of the device while playing games, more and more users are now complaining about poor Wi-Fi reception of the third-generation iPad.

According to a thread on the Apple Support Forum which already consists of eight pages so far, many are comparing the iPad 2 Wi-Fi reception with the new iPad. Some of the users report that the new iPad is having a hard time getting a signal, while the iPad 2 signal strength is on 100%.

The problem doesn’t seem to occur with individual devices, one of the users on the Apple Discussion Forums writes that he used three different new iPad’s and they were never close to the same reception quality of the iPad 2, which also resulted in lower Wi-Fi speeds. He didn’t refer to the reception bar at the top of your display, but he referred to the transfer speeds.

A few faulty units are nothing when a new product is being launched, especially considering the fact that there are millions of iPad’s are being made. But if the problem is related to a hardware problem, Apple will be held accountable for the problems. This Wi-Fi case reminds us of the problems when the iPhone 4 launched in 2010.

A statement from Apple is still missing, although the problems may be quite small. I personally didn’t have any problems with Wi-Fi reception so far.

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