Apple demanded Samsung in court South Korea 2 150x150 Apple: Proviews legal tactics are misleadingProview is trying to mislead the Chinese court regarding the iPad trademark case. The company started the lawsuit against Apple to pay off debts and keep creditors and a distance.

This is a statement by Carolyn Wu, a spokesperson for Apple. During an interview with The Wall Street Journal she claimed that Proview wants to pay off its debt by trying to get some more money out of a deal that has been previously closed with Apple.

Apple bought the iPad trademark in 2008 from the Taiwanese subsidiary of Proview, Proview Electronics. The Chinese trademark would also be included in the deal between Apple and Proview. However, the Chinese Proview Technology now claims that they still own the iPad trademark rights. The company has therefore sued Apple in China.

A company called IP Application Device, which was started by Apple to make sure that Proview wouldn’t increase the price if they knew that it was Apple that was interested in the trademark, bought the rights of the trademark. Apple only paid $55,000 for the iPad trademark. Proview argues that Apple has bought the trademark at a much lower price, because they weren’t honest about their intentions.

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