Screen Shot 2012 02 29 at 15.38.38 150x150 Review: Prince of Persia Classic for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPadThe game already made its appearance twice on the iOS platform, but got quickly remove, the remake of Prince of Persia is now finally available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This cult game has the same story as Disney’s Aladdin and is probably one of the hardest games that you can play on the touchscreen, because you will have to be real precise from time to time. The games has a clock limit of one hour to work your way through the palace with countless guards, tiles that suddenly drop beneath your feet and spines that suddenly popup from the ground.

Unlike other platform games, there is not one side that you can go to, but you have to go left, right, up and down. This was also the idea behind the game to get lost in the palace and players should experience what path you should follow. These originals ideas were one of the great things about the original game and are still available in this remake. However, the game occasionally tried to help you by displaying a glow that moves in the right direction. During the adventure you will have to escape from a prison full of dangers, after that you will have to deal with Arabs in the palace, these guards are equipped with even bigger swords. Players can chose the time attack mode which will give you one hour to get the job done and the survival mode requires that you don’t die a single time during the whole game, a virtually impossible task.

Fortunately there is also a normal mode available in which most players will feel more comfortable. In the top left of your display you will still see the time indicator, but it isn’t required that you finish the game within a single hour. The game also saves automatically when you reach checkpoints, really helpful if you die all the time – something we did a lot, because it isn’t easy to control the prince. Publisher Ubisoft has chosen to move around with a slider instead of the traditional “digital” buttons, because you finger is moving all the time and the prince slowly reacts from walking to running, it is difficult to control the prince. In the options menu you can adjust the settings of the controller, although you can only change the position of the slider and the three action buttons with which you can jump/climb, stoop or fight.

We can’t understand that Ubisoft didn’t improve the controls of the game especially because the game already appeared twice in the App Store; it was partly removed because many complained about the terrible touch controls. Prince of Persia is still a real cult classic, but the poor control hold it back from becoming a classic on the iOS platform. Let’s hope that Ubisoft will listen to the complaints!

Download: Prince of Persia Classic ($1.99)
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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