iphone 0020 usb 0020 cable 150x150 Apple to replace 30 pin connector with smaller dock port?Apple has plans to replace the current 30-pin connector with a micro dock on the next-generation iPhone. The Apple related website iMore claims that they have received this information from numerous anonymous sources. By replacing the “large” 30-pin connector there will be much more space for other components like a larger battery and a chipset that supports 4G LTE.

When we will this change isn’t entirely clear, iMore suggests that the changes could provide room for new hardware features in the iPhone 5, but doesn’t claim that it will happen with the new upgrade. Since we haven’t seen any hardware that may be used in the iPhone 5, the chance is high that they are still experimenting with a type connector, although it would be likely that the iPad will be the first iDevice to make use of this connector. Many new features are first available on the iPad and followed by the iPhone.

However, it wouldn’t be the first time that Apple had changed the design of the iPhone to make room for new hardware. The iPhone 4 was the first iDevice that was making use of the micro-SIM and an antenna around the casing of the device.

Apple confirmed last year that they had agreed with the plans to use the micro-USB as the universal charging method for smartphones. The company however didn’t replace the 30-pin connector, but sold a separate micro-USB adapter in their Apple Store. Chances are slim that Apple will use the micro-USB connector in future devices; it’s not the style of Apple to do so.

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