tumblr post 150x150 Sophos warns Apple fans for iPhone 5 phishing emailMany of you probably already know that the iPhone 5 release is still months away, its even to early to start rumors about the new device. Apple hasn’t announced anything and there are no technical details known. But there are people that don’t know everything about Apple products; these users could be a easy target for phishing. Security firm Sophos warns users that a phishing email is released, which claims that Apple and blogging service Tumblr will give everyone a free iPhone 5. The email also mentions some technical details, such as 4G support, improved battery, better display, FaceTime 3G support and 3D functions.

The claim that Apple and Tumblr are giving out free iPhones should be reason enough for you to immediately delete the email. Apple never organizes promotional campaigns with external parties, and giving stuff away isn’t the way Apple works, especially not with an unannounced product.

We are happy to announce that Tumblr and Apple have joined together in a promotion to giveaway FREE iPhone 5′s to each one of our users!

After entering your data, you’ll quickly find out that you wont receive a free iPhone 5. If you close down your browser, they will try to persuade you to enter an iPhone game. What else is new, one thing is sure they are just after your personal data, which can be exchanged with advertisers for money.

Previously Sophos warned users that they should look out for iPhone 5 guest lists on Facebook and iPhone 5G spam messages that contain malware for Windows based system. It is certainly not the first time that phishers are targeting Apple-users.

Sophos warned earlier for all iPhone 5 guest lists on Facebook and iPhone 5 g-spam messages that malware for Windows was distributed. It is also certainly not the first time that phishers focus on Apple-users.

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