400px Apple magsafe tight 150x150 MagSafe connectors for next generation iPhone and iPad? The mobile devices of Apple still make use of the 30-pin connector, but patents show that Apple could have plans to replace the 30-pin connector on the iPhone and iPad with a magnetic connection. The idea behind this connection is quite similar to the MagSafe adapters that you may already know from your MacBook. It’s not the first that Apple is looking for other ways to connect their devices in a safe way, in 2010 there appeared a patent that showed a magnetic connector for the iPad, something which we haven’t seen in the current line-up.

The new patent application shows a picture of a iPad 2, with a magnetic cable. Current 30-pin connection ports on the iPhone and iPad cannot be fully closed by the device, making it a easy target for sand, dust and the famous water sensor that is often used to deny an repair request. Users can use the MagSafe connector for charging, syncing of data and listening to music, and according to Apple you can easily close the port with a magnetic piece.

The cables that are currently used on the iPhone and iPad do need some protection. Contact breakers are exposed if the cable is not connected with the device, making it a easy victim for pollution and damages. The magnetic connection also has another beneficial effect; the solution that is being proposed by Apple describes a universal cable, with programmable magnets that determine how many contact breakers are required. Although the idea is original, the question is how the European Union feels about this idea, they require that every smartphone in 2012 comes with a micro-USB charging adapter.

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