iPhone 4 Disassembly 17 150x150 iPhone 4S audio issues most likely not to be fixed with iOS updateThe audio issues on the iPhone 4S are far from over, some iPhone 4S users are complaining about variousaudio issues. On the Apple support forum there is a topic available that discusses the problems, it already contains more than 110 pages with over 1600 responses and complaints. The topic already reached more than 150,000 views, only three months after the official release of the latest iPhone. There doesn’t appear to be a simple solution for the problem, many users had to get an replacement to get rid of the problem.

Users that own an iPhone 4S are complaining about various audio issues during a call. The phone can sometimes suddenly drop in audio quality during a call, which make it sounds like the other is underwater. Some users say that the audio drops completely during a call, making it impossible to have a normal conversation, this is likely to be caused by a failing speaker.

There isn’t a solution that solves the problem yet, a number of users confirm that a full restore of the iPhone does help, while many others were forced to visit an Apple Store to get an replacement. Therefore it is still unclear whether it’s a software or hardware problem. GigaOM points out that Apple has not addressed the problems in the upcoming iOS update.

It remains unclear how many iPhone 4S owners are affected by the problem. Looking at the topic on the Apple discussion forum, it is clear that that the problem is bigger than just a few rare cases.

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