android malware 150x150 Google ready to battle Apple with Motorola patents? The patent battle continues, once again Apple is sued by one of its competitors for alleged patent infringement. So far nothing new, but this time it’s the mobile phone division of Motorola, which was recently acquired by Google. Could this be the first sign of a patent war between Google and Apple?

The website FOSS patents reports that Motorola has to be authorized by Google, all new complaints that regard to infringement of intellectual property have to be agreed by both parties. Motorola Mobility has been given the green light from Google to start an injunction against Apple’s iPhone 4S and iCloud. Google and Motorola claim that Apple is infringing on patents that are based on online synchronization and online storage. Motorola hoped that this new case could be added to the lawsuit that was started in late 2010, but the judge ruled that the other case already progressed to far.

In addition to the case in 2010, Motorola claims that Apple is infringing on six patents. Motorola will proceed with the case in the District Court of Mannheim. The action is the European equivalent of the patent, which describes how the synchronization of data and settings is being progressed between multiple devices.

The question remains whether this is a confrontation between Apple and Google, or between Apple and Motorola, it is interesting to see that Google is willing to take on Apple in court. With the acquisition of Motorola, Google hopes to receive a number of patents that could be used in other lawsuits that were started by Apple against Android manufacturers.

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