applestore 150x150 Take a look at the new Apple Grand Central Station Store in 360 degree panoramaLast Friday, Apple opened the doors of the latest and biggest Apple Store in the Grand Central station in New York. An event where hundred’s and probably even thousands people were waiting for. For those that are not located near New York, Apple has put up a special website online to see how many enthusiasts Apple fans were present. A special web application allows you to view the store in 360 degree. The site makes use of the gyroscope of your iPhone or iPad and displays the picture accordingly.

The panorama feature can be found on the official Apple web page for the new store. Clicking on the ‘View More Photos’ button and selecting the photo at the bottom right will redirect you to the panorama feature. In this panorama view you can either view around by sweeping your finger, but you can also move your iPhone or iPad 2 and view the store with the use of your gyroscope. This feature only works on the iPhone, since your desktop computer doesn’t have a gyroscope.

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