apple macbook battery 150x150 Patent applications show that Apple is developing fuel cell powered MacBooksApple is working on notebooks can be powered by fuel cells instead of batteries. By switching to fuel cells, they can make their notebooks thinner and lighter.

Two patent applications show that Apple is working on this technology. One of them is title ‘Fuel Cell System to Power a Portable Computing Device’ the other ‘Fuel Cell System Couple to a Portable Computing Device’. With this technology Apple hopes to increase the awareness of consumers to promote and use renewable energy sources.

Apple notes in their patent application that the dependence on oil is forcing the U.S. Government to maintain relationships with unstable Governments in the Middle East. The company also warns that the United States is risking the life of their inhabitants by drilling for oil in the American coastlines.

Fuel cells based on hydrogen and other similar fuels could power electronic devices for days or even weeks. Apple however notices that the development of fuel cells based on hydrogen will be challenging in the field of mobility and effectiveness.

In the patent application, Apple describes that the fuel cells will be capable of sending and receiving energy from a rechargeable battery in portable electronic devices. This way it isn’t necessary to manufacture a large and heavy battery in the fuel cell system.

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