download 150x150 ITC: Apple did not infringe on patents owned by S3 GraphicsThe International Trade Commission has ruled that Apple does not infringe on patents owned by S3 Graphics and that the case has been closed. The ITC therefore ruled against the result of a earlier case.

The ITC started researching the case since May last year, after S3 Graphics started an indictment against Apple for infringing on patents. According to S3 Graphics the patents with the number 6,658,1466,683,978,6,775,417 and 7,043,087, which all relate to image compression, were used by Apple without a license.

A ‘Administrative Law Judge’ ruled on 1 July 2011 that research showed that Apple was using the dtx-image compression format on their computers, and advised the ITC to take action. The International Trade Commission however decided to ignore this decision; the authority has no reasons specified for rejecting the claims of S3 Graphics.

The decision of the ITC is according to Foss Patents a major blow for HTC, they announced in July this year that they will takeover S3 Graphics, HTC likely bought the company to use these patents in their case against Apple. The Administrative Law Judge ruled in July that HTC had violated two Apple patents.

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