606864b2b6276e8852 iPhone 4S Bluetooth Smart ReadyThe Bluetooth Special Interest Group, is an alliance of several companies that monitors the Bluetooth standard, they announced today that they have changed the name of Bluetooth 4.0. Devices that use Bluetooth 4.0 (including the iPhone 4S), will now refer to this technology as ‘Bluetooth Smart Ready’.

An important feature of Bluetooth 4.0 is that it almost doesn’t need any power from your device when it is connected with other gadgets. This latest revision of Bluetooth makes it also more suitable for devices such as pedometers and heart beat meters to connect with your phone, computer or tablet. These devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 will now be labeled ‘Smart Bluetooth’.

The iPhone 4S is also not the only Apple device that supports Bluetooth 4.0; the latest generation MacBook Air and Mac Mini both are ‘Bluetooth Smart Ready’. Apple also updated the MacBook Pro yesterday with a faster CPU and GPU, but strangely enough these models still are equipped with Bluetooth 2.1. It is unclear why Apple did not choose to update with Bluetooth Smart Ready, although we expect that Apple didn’t like to modify their logic-board of the MacBook Pro.

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