windows phone logo msn 150x150 Windows Phone will challenge Apple and Google in the coming yearsThe mobile operating system of Microsoft, Windows Phone will have a market share of more than twenty percent in the next two or three years. Achim Berg, vice president of the marketing department expects that this is achievable.

Microsoft expects that their market share will significantly increase with hardware partners like HTC and Nokia. According to Berg, these parties can help creating a great marketing campaign for their upcoming smartphones: Windows Phone Mango.

“In addition, we are working hard to train hundreds of people worldwide to demonstrate them in stores,” said the Microsoft chief executive at the IFA fair in Berlin. “We hope to continue our success among female consumers, to build a new market share from an untapped market.”

Researchers from both Gartner and IDC recently showed that it is possible for Microsoft to have a 20 percent market share by the year 2015. This would mean that Microsoft passes rival Apple, which has an expected market share of 17 percent by that time, if we have to believe the researchers.

Although Windows Phone has a hard time, to really challenge their competitors like Apple and Google (Android), Berg isn’t worried: “It just needs time, it took a while before Android and Apple started dominating the market.”

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