images 150x150 The changes in iOS 5 Beta 3Each new iOS Beta release has information on the Apple developer website, to find out what changed with the latest update. The disadvantage of these release notes are that they are often very technical.

After installing iOS 5 beta 3 there are some thing that are not even noted by Apple in the official release notes. Here is an overview of the most important changes in iOS 5 beta 3.

  • Overall better performance, everything feels more stable.
  • Two new tones added: Sherwood and Tweet.
  • The ‘Memories’ app now got a new icon.
  • FaceTime is reactivated, and works without any problems.
  • The setup-wizard has been changed, and updated with animations.
  • New Menu: Location Services > System Services.
  • Software Update now shows the current iOS version.
  • Possibility of disabling roaming if you are in a other country.
  • The ‘Erase data and cookies’ option is back in Safari preferences.
  • New ‘Store’ button on the top left of the Music application.

One of the most important features of beta 3 is the ability to create your own tones, and set them for specific messages. You can use the same tones that you do for texting and calling.

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