airport utility icon New A5 based AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule references found in AirPort Utility updateThere were already some rumors surfacing that Apple may be working a new AirPort Extreme and/or Time Capsule. They released a software update today to update the AirPort Utility to version v.5.5.3 and fix several small bugs. But when we take a deeper look into the AirPort package, you will see that there’s more going on than simple crash bug. In the AirPortSettings.strings there are several references found to new features and devices that we not yet know.

The rumors that the new Airport Extreme and Time Capsule will base on the new A5 processors that us currently used in the iPad 2 prove to be correct. The Airport Utility update shows that they will support this new hardware.

We didn’t only find references to new hardware but also some new features. One of these interesting features is the possibility to use the (new) Airport Extreme and/or TimeCapsule to start downloading software updates in the background. If you own multiple Macs than this will mean that update will only have to be downloaded once, and can be spread through the local network instead of having to download the update on every Mac. We aren’t sure if this new feature will only be available for new hardware revisions, but it is likely.

If you want to take a look for yourself, just right click on the Airport Utility after updating and click ‘Show Package Contents’. Navigate to the folder ‘Resources ▸ English.Iproj ▸ AirPortSettings.strings.

Screen shot 2011 06 15 at 15.06.40 New A5 based AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule references found in AirPort Utility update

Lines found in AirPort Utility update
“sUP.productName” = “Store Apple software updates on this %@”;
“bsUP.description” = “Apple software updates that are copied to this %@ are available to anyone using this network.”;

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