If you have multiple iTunes Store accounts, it sometimes can be annoying to quickly switch between the accounts. But there’s an app for that as well, that simplifies the way of switching. You will only asked once to enter your account information, and with a few click in the menu bar you will be able to switch between different accounts. The application automatically opens iTunes and will logs in with the desired account.

While using this plugin make sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes, to avoid problems running iTunes Account Switcher. The app requires that you at least run Mac OS X Leopard (OSX10.5), it will not run on older versions and it is only available in English or Dutch.

screenshot e1308838636292 How to manage/switch between multiple iTunes accounts

You can launch iTunes Account Switcher by double-clicking on the icon, but it is also possible to use’ Start iTunes Account Switcher.scpt’ to add the application into the menubar of iTunes. You can do this by placing the script in the following folder.

~ Root ▸ Library ▸ iTunes ▸ Scripts

It is possible that the folder ‘Scripts’ doesn’t exist, just create one and place the scpt file in the folder. You will need to restart iTunes to view the script in the menubar.

At the moment that iTunes Account Switcher is started, there will appear a new icon in the menu. When you click it, you can add accounts and easily switch between multiple iTunes accounts.

If you want to modify, add or delete an account, just click on ‘Change Account’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

Download: iTunes Account Switcher (Free)

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