apple wireless kb review 8 150x150 How to install a keylogger on your Mac If you want see what your children are doing on your Mac, or you suspect someone to gain unauthorized to your Mac then it may be time to install a keylogger. With a keylogger it is possible to record the entire keyboard input and write it to a log file. This file will show you exactly what has been typed on the keyboard of your Mac. But be careful cause you shouldn’t abuse someone’s privacy.

There is a free keylogger available for Mac OS X, it is called logKext and can be downloaded on the Google Code website. The keylogger will be installed as a kernel extension, and will automatically encrypt all the log files so that you are the only one to access them. You can access the log files through OS X Terminal, logKext includes an install that will automatically install the necessary software.

After you completed the installation of logKext is it time to access the application with OS X Terminal. Please enter the following command in Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal):

sudo logKextClient

When using the sudo command, please fill in your own user password first, after completing that step you can set the password for the logKextClient. You can change the client password with the following command.

Screen shot 2011 06 23 at 00.41.26 How to install a keylogger on your Mac

set Password= [choose your own]

By using the command ‘print’ you view the log file. Please note that the log file is created when more than 100 characters are present in the buffer. So it may happen that the log file is empty while testing it out immediately after installation.

If you don’t want to make use of logKext anymore, use the following command to remove it from your system:

Sudo /LogKextUninstall.command

logKext can be downloaded from the following URL’s
logKext 2.3 for Leopard and Snow Leopard
logKext 2.2 for Tiger [10.4]

5 Responses to How to install a keylogger on your Mac

  1. keylogger
    Jul 04, 2011

    Is it safe to install a free keylogger on your mac?

    • Corey Brookehoven
      Jul 05, 2011

      As long as you have the password, yes.

  2. JK
    Jul 06, 2011

    Google code says that the developer is planning to give up LogKext and looking for someone to take over. It’s free but difficult to use and apparently there is no chance to get it improved. Oops
    Amac Keylogger is another choice for Mac users but be careful, it’s Not free, only free trial!

    • Corey Brookehoven
      Jul 06, 2011

      It isn’t that hard to use, i tried it myself and it is only a question of minutes without any troubles.

      • JK
        Jul 06, 2011

        I personally have no problem with LogKext. But after I recommended it (it’s really a good free stuff) to some of my friends, they kept coming back to ask “How can I get it to work?” or “How can I view logs?” or “How can I uninstall?”… you get the idea.

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