stevejobs ipad keynote 150x150 iPad will cause unemployment in the U.S. There is turmoil in the U.S. on the iPad. According to Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr, the iPad is the culprit for all the unemployment in the U.S. According to Jackson, Steve Jobs tries to persuade the Americans to use the iPad for everything. He says that books and newspaper shops will have to close, because everyone is using the iPad for these things. Steve Jobs shows in every keynote how easy it is to use buy digital books and newspapers. “Of course it has made our lives more efficient” says Jackson. “But the iPad is being manufactured in China!”

The Chinese therefore benefit the most of the iPad success. There are 13 million Americans at home, which are counting on the Congress to take action. But the question is whether Americans are willing to work for the wages and working condition that the Chinese workers are facing? But the production side isn’t the only problem according to Jackson, he says that the Chicago Sate University wants to be using digital books all over the university within the next four year. Which will cost jobs at publishers and libraries.

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