apple tv 2nd generation in hand 150x150 Latest iOS 6 beta shows that apps may be coming to the Apple TVIn the latest iOS 6-beta for the Apple TV it is possible to move apps around on the homescreen. This may seem like a small addition, but it could be something bigger. The new functionality shows that Apple may be working on third party applications for the small media-player, applications that are not developed by developers that work at Apple, but third-party developers like Rovio.

The new feature was discovered by the Brazilian MacMagazine, who posted a video of the wobbling icons and how it is possible to move them around. This feature works quite similar to moving icons on one of your other iOS devices, simply select an icon and press the selection button on the remote for a second or two. Once the icons start to wobble it is possible to move them around. Continue Reading →

google chrome 150x150 How to make Google Chrome your default browser on iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)Earlier this week the Google I/O developers conference took place in San Francisco, the search giant announced a couple of new products, including the Nexus7 tablet, but it also released a iOS version of the popular Chrome web browser, which is now capable of synchronizing with your PC/Mac, iPhone or Android device. The browser was praised by many, unfortunately there are a number of restrictions set by Apple, restrictions that stop Google from using their own JavaScript rendering-engine and it is also not possible to set it as your default browser. For example, links in emails are still automatically loaded in Safari. The jailbreak tweak BrowserChooser solves this problem, the tweaks makes it possible to set the Chrome browser as default, all links will now be automatically opened in Chrome for iOS.

BrowserChooser is certainly not the only tweak that lets you choose another browser, but it is the first one that supports Google Chrome. Continue Reading →

Shortly after Apple won an injunction that banned the sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, there is good news again for the company from Cupertino, because Samsung is no longer allowed to sell the Galaxy Nexus in the United States any longer. The judge ruled that Samsung had indeed infringed on patents owned by Apple.

android malware 150x150 Apple wins! Samsungs Galaxy Nexus banned in the United StatesAccording to Dan Levine, who has followed the case between the two for news agency Reuters, it is a temporary sales ban. The court ruled that Apple indeed proved that Samsung had infringe on patents that are owned by the company, this infringement of patents has cost Apple sales and loss of market share. One of the main problems for Samsung is the patent that describes how a universal search engine is implemented. The expectations are that Samsung will appeal the decision of the court.

There were a total of four patents named in Galaxy Nexus, that just launched in the United States. In addition to the unified search-patents, Apple also claimed that Samsung was using the same slide-to-unlock functionality, a technique for recognizing data structures and the auto-correct feature of the operating system. Because the Galaxy Nexus runs on a stock version of Google’s mobile operating system, there could be more problems on the way for Google. Continue Reading →

iphone ios update 150x150 How to downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1Some of you may already have installed iOS 6 by registering your UDID at one of the developers, but it still contains a lot of bugs and the battery life is poor compared to iOS 5. We have received many questions on how to downgrade your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV from iOS 6 to iOS 5. While iOS 6 does contain a lot of new interesting features, it may be wise to wait a little longer on some other beta’s that have less issues and a better battery life.

For those that want to downgrade from iOS 6 to iOS 5.1.1, just follow this tutorial and you will be running iOS 5 in no-time. If you decided to create a backup of your iOS 5 firmware, you can directly restore it after downgrading. Before you start downgrading you need to download the right .ipsw file for your iDevice. These can be found in the list below. Continue Reading →

4 inch iPhone 150x150 The iPhone: Five Great Years! Congrats Apple!Exactly five years ago, on Friday 29 June 2007, there were long queues across America. Thousands of people were patiently waiting on the new phone that would change the market forever. An era where people could no longer live without their phones. An era where phones would be capable of doing things that many of us never expected to see. Yes, today it’s the fifth celebration of the iPhone, five great years.

We could have written an article about the revolution that the iPhone has started since its launch in 2007. We can remind you how mobile browsing on the web looked like before 2007. We could remind you how a simple Java-game was priced at $10. Nobody ever heard about updating the operating system of their phone at that moment. Continue Reading →

macbook pro 150x150 Test shows that the MacBook Pro Retina doesnt have any heat issuesEarlier this year Apple already faced some critism about the new iPad Retina that was simply running too hot according to some users, something similar happened shortly after the launch of the MacBook Pro Retina. Many users complained about the temperature of the MacBook Pro Retina after doing some intensive tasks. The new Retina display has a screen resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, a real art of work, something that only Apple could achieve.

The guys from IT Media has put the MacBook Pro Retina through a couple of test, armed with a R300 InfRec NEC Avio infrared camera that is priced at a whopping $20,000. They also put two microphones at a distance of 15 and 30 cm, to test the loudness of the fans. IT Media made use of CineBench to benchmark the performance and the heat of the MacBook Pro. During the test the lowest measured temperatue of the Retina MPB was only 22.9 degrees and the max temperature was 45.1 degrees. Continue Reading →

kt telecom iphone 4 nfc 2 580x386 150x150 NFC coming to next generation iPhone? According to 9to5Mac, the new iPhone is equipped with an NFC chip. Their story is based on information that they found in the hardware code dump of the prototypes. The new iOS 6 application PassBook could possible be used for the new technology to purchase items in stores. Earlier information showed that the new iPhone is likely to be equipped with a larger screen with a higher resolution. The NFC-chip is connected directly to the power management unit.

An NFC chip makes it possible to communicate with a receiver at a very short distance. Users can for example pay in a store with their iPhone and iTunes account. But NFC can be used for other things as well. You could for example hold two iPhones next to each other to exchange files. Continue Reading →

New+iPad+Launched+Apple+Store+Covent+Garden+uKsF20aA3cel 150x150 iPad blows competition away, ships ten times as many tablets as Samsung and Amazons Kindle FireIn the first quarter of 2012 there were more than 18 million tablets shipped worldwide, Apple sold more than 11.8 million iPads in that same quarter. The company is still miles ahead in the tablet market: competitor Samsung, who shipped only 1.1 million tablets in the first quarter of 2012, took the second place in the rankings. It turns out that the iPad was shipped ten times as many as the Samsung tablets. There is however some good news for Samsung, because they have overtaken Amazon, who took the second place in the last quarter with the Kindle Fire.

This report is based on research performed by ABI Research, who had access to the official international figures of the company. According to the research firm, the number of shipped tablet had grown with 185% compared to the same quarter in 2011, another major growth for the tablet market. While various analysts previously said that the competition is closing the gap with Apple, it still seems that no one can really challenge them. Amazon’s also seems to have lost its momentum with the Kindle Fire, which is based on Google’s mobile operating system Android. Continue Reading →